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a game by Ciancio Graphics/Games/Goblins

You are Goblvnz, the choosen one goblin, that is the knifebringer of GorkvndMork God.

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, are destroying the goblin's habitat, so it's time for a revenge!


made in 3 weeks with Game Maker

Programmed by: Alexios Ciancio

including 8-bit music re-arrangement from the original Tha Goblvnz March tracks by: Mike Crinella

based on a story of Tha-Goblvnz-March

link of the creator


Install instructions

Download the file, unzip and just click to the "Atari Goblvnz.exe"



Atari Goblvnz.zip 8 MB

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